CPanel control panel is included with all of our web hosting accounts at no additional charge.

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Business Class Hosting at Budget Hosting Prices

   Quick and Easy Business Websites

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our first websites went live online.

Nearly two decades ago

1996 and are added to our hosting family.

Welcome to the family


Business Presence packages are added to our lineup of product offerings.

Quick and Easy


No long term contracts - host for as little as a month at a time if you wish.

Powerful servers - we utilize only industry leading servers for our hosting accounts.

Affordable pricing - pricing to meet any need or budget, for personal use or business.

How We’re Different


We Take the Mystery Out of Quality Web Hosting

Getting your website online doesn’t have to be hard or intimidating.

And no matter if it’s for fun or business, we’re here to help you meet that goal.

At MyHostDirect, we understand that not everyone is a computer nerd. That not everyone who wants a website cares what MySQL, PHP, Apache, cPanel, etc. etc. is or how they work.

Some people actually just want to get their stuff online without having to learn endless amounts of geekology.

And this is where we come in.

We’ve taken the mystery out of quality web hosting by eliminating the geek-speak and focusing first and foremost on what you want:  results.

Each of our hosting packages are broken down in ways that are easy to understand, and each is designed with a specific type of hosting need in mind.

If you need a place for your business website, shopping cart or blog to call home, is your simple and clear choice.

Have a small website of just a few pages? If so, our Starter hosting Package is just the right size for you. And with pricing as low as $5.95 per month, it’s hard to beat!

a happy woman saves with our starter hosting package

Maybe your site is a little larger. Or perhaps you want to run a simple blog. Our Standard Package lets you host a typical website at only $9.95 a month!

pretty lady is happy as she saves money with our standard hosting package

Need to run a community forum, ecommerce or affiliate site? Our Professional Package is the right choice and it’s just $16.95 per month!

Beautiful woman is happy with the money she is saving by using our Premium Web HostingWe are your best business advocate your Ace in the Hole

For sites that directly accept credit cards or require a secure login, we offer our Professional Package at just $28.95 per month!  

An attractive professional woman smiles as she saves with our low cost professional hosting package


More Details Think of us as your Ace in the Hole Details Details Details 30 Day Money Back Guarantee some of the things you can do with social media are messages photos friends media status updates and more

Bloggers rejoice!

When it comes to the number one name in blogging software, Wordpress, MyHostDirect has you covered!

Our servers are perfectly optimized for running Wordpress, and provide a robust platform for your Wordpress powered website.

Choose our Standard or Professional Hosting Package and start blogging today!

Blogs, Blogs, and More Blogs
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Get your business online fast and easy with our exclusive Business Presence Packages.

It's the perfect website design and hosting package all in one low cost solution.

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